Wellness programmes

We offer a range of wellness programmes through our wellness provider, Synergy Health. These programmes are designed especially for New Zealand businesses and they:

  • focus on today’s health and wellness issues including fitness, nutrition, weight management and emotional health such as resiliency
  • encourage a teamwork approach
  • ensure plenty of fun along the way with workshops, team challenges and after-work activities.

Choose the wellness programme that’s right for your business

You can implement a full wellness programme or choose individual elements.

  •  Synergy Health’s Complete Wellness Solution: based on a detailed assessment of your organisation’s health risks, this solution includes health presentations and health challenges for your staff, including smoking cessation clinics and flu vaccinations. It also provides information resources for your intranet, employee benefit offers and health promotions.
  •  Synergy Health’s tracksuit-inc©: a more affordable, online wellness programme with a variety of monthly wellness interventions to choose from. It includes health questionnaires, presentations and challenges, resources for employees, a pre-designed 12-month programme, and promotional materials for your workplace.

 Alternatively you can select from a range of services for your employees:

  • health checks and questionnaires
  • flu vaccinations
  • health challenges eg resiliency strategies and winter wellness
  • smoking cessation programme
  • nutrition and weight management programmes
  • seminars, workshops and webinars - some of the topics include nutrition, fitness, stress, work/life balance, shift work, outdoor workers, and personal development.
  • access to health education resources

Find out more, contact us today

We can provide advice and tailor a solution for your business.
Call 0800 323 555, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm, or email healthybusiness@southerncross.co.nz

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